Pressure Points Chart on iPhone

26 06 2010

Last month introduced Martial Points, the world’s first iPhone pressure point app for martial artists.

This handy reference guide allows user to locate common martial arts pressure points from a 3D diagram and retrieve information about the point selected. Audio pronunciation helps user learn the point names in either Korean or Chinese.

The app works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad, and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes app store.

More information regarding this app can be found here:


Blog Lesson: Basic Knife Defense Stance (Part 2)

10 07 2009

This lesson picks up from part 1 in which we demonstrated the basic footwork of the knife defense stance. We now take a closer look at one possible way to defend against a straight knife stab. As mentioned before, the footwork is absolutely crucial. By side stepping, or in this case, stepping and turning 90 degrees away from the attack path helps you stay clear from the knife.

Next is the hand block movement. Depending on the skill level of the practitioner, the blocking hand motion can act as simply as a block, or in more advanced cases, a quick sharp jolt to the opponent’s arm. Since this is an introductory lesson, the hand block is better considered as a simple block / deflection technique acting to prevent the opponent’s hand from suddenly turning in your direction.

In the scenario illustrated in the video, the defender quickly turns the hand block into a Ki-Grip to further secure the opponent. Then a number of different techniques become applicable at your disposal to further immobilize the attacker. In this case, we choose the good old fashion Hand Knife Strike / Press.

One point we need to stress is that different situations call for different techniques. As an introductory lesson we choose to illustrate with a very simple straight knife thrusting / stabbing attack. More experienced knife fighters will tend to use more cutting techniques than stabbing. However, the footwork demonstrated here would still be generally applicable and it is a foundation for more advanced defense techniques.

Go to Part 1 of the knife defense stance lesson…

Skills of Hapkido DVD

17 12 2008


If you have not visited the website in a while, you may not know that we’ve released a new DVD. Yes, the long wait is finally over. Master Kim’s latest Hapkido DVD is now officially available! We have talked about this DVD in our previous posts. And as promised, we believe we have delivered a unique and very learning-oriented instructional DVD.

The DVD is geared toward new and intermediate learner. It starts with an overview of the Hapkido principles and fundamental skills such as Dan Jun breathing, Ki gripping, and defense stances. Then various self defense techniques are taught. These ranges from basic punch to more advanced knife defense skills.

What really sets this DVD apart is that the skills are demonstrated in extraordinary details. Different visual aids such as picture in picture, body diagram, and multiple angle views are used.

We put in a lot of work in making this and we think the quality really shows. We hope our supporters will find this DVD as useful and well made as we do.

Click here to check out this DVD now.

Happy Holidays!

New Hapkido DVD = Free Download for You!

26 07 2008

(Sorry….This Survey is Now Closed…Coupon has Expired)

For those interested in our hapkido videos, here is a chance for you to get a free download! Read on.

Knife Defense Screen Pic

As we have mentioned in our last post, we are working with Master Kim on a new Hapkido DVD. This new DVD has a lot of the same features showcased in our current downloadable videos. Some of you may have purchased and downloaded our videos already, we can surely use your feedback so we can improve on our upcoming DVD. We would greatly appreciate your help if you can give us your feedback in our online survey (please follow the link below)!

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For those who haven’t had a chance to see our videos, you now have a chance to download one video for free. Follow these direction:

1) Go to our ETMA Product Page.
2) Add the Black Belt Series Knife Defense: Wrist Twist video to your cart.
3) Click “Check Out” on the check out screen.
4) Fill out the required information
5) Enter the Coupon Code survey01 at the bottom section, and hit “Apply”
6) You will see that the video is now free of charge!
7) Go through the rest of the check out and download your video.
8) Watch video and come back to fill out our survey! Thank you!

You feedback will help us make something valuable. We appreicate all your help!!

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Hapkido Seminar & Upcoming DVD

25 05 2008

SeminarFlyer Seminar1

Hapkido Seminar
On May 17th, Master “Major” Kim participated as a guest instructor in the 2nd annual Hapkido Seminar held in Geneva, IL, nearby Chicago. This seminar allowed Hapkido students from around the country to gather and learn from instructors such as Grandmaster Chu Seup Ma and Grandmaster Suk K. Kim. Students had the chance to work one on one with Master “Major” Kim on various defense techniques. Master Kim showed students some of the Korean Special Force exercises, and demonstrated Hapkido knife defense skills and vital point (pressure point) attacks. You can find a few of the techniques Master Kim demonstarted on the current Video Page.
Seminar2 Seminar3

Upcoming Hapkido DVD
Speaking of videos, we are currently working with Master Kim on a DVD that will showcase a wide range of Hapkido hand to hand skills. This DVD will focus on defense techniques in the areas of punch, grip, throw, and knife defense. We expect to release this DVD later this summer. Stay tuned.