Hapkido Video Screenshots Revealed

23 01 2008

As mentioned in our last update, the 9thDan.com Hapkido video series is almost ready for release. This series is designed and performed by Eagle Talon Martial Arts Academy’s Master Hye Kyoung Kim (Master Kim is a retired Major from the South Korean Special Forces. He has over thirty years of experience in martial arts). This series aims to be different from a lot of the videos out on the market today in terms of its features and that the videos are downloadable.


The videos are designed to be uncommonly detailed. Each video starts with providing a general explanation on relevant Hapkido concepts. Each skill is then performed with step-by-step explanation, shown through multiple camera angles and close-up picture in picture, and finally demonstrated as a solo “shadow exercise” practice.

We will initially release a small number of videos from the series. The initial release is set to be some time around February 2008. Stay tuned for more as we are putting in the finishing touches!