Blog Lesson: Basic Knife Defense Stance (Part 2)

10 07 2009

This lesson picks up from part 1 in which we demonstrated the basic footwork of the knife defense stance. We now take a closer look at one possible way to defend against a straight knife stab. As mentioned before, the footwork is absolutely crucial. By side stepping, or in this case, stepping and turning 90 degrees away from the attack path helps you stay clear from the knife.

Next is the hand block movement. Depending on the skill level of the practitioner, the blocking hand motion can act as simply as a block, or in more advanced cases, a quick sharp jolt to the opponent’s arm. Since this is an introductory lesson, the hand block is better considered as a simple block / deflection technique acting to prevent the opponent’s hand from suddenly turning in your direction.

In the scenario illustrated in the video, the defender quickly turns the hand block into a Ki-Grip to further secure the opponent. Then a number of different techniques become applicable at your disposal to further immobilize the attacker. In this case, we choose the good old fashion Hand Knife Strike / Press.

One point we need to stress is that different situations call for different techniques. As an introductory lesson we choose to illustrate with a very simple straight knife thrusting / stabbing attack. More experienced knife fighters will tend to use more cutting techniques than stabbing. However, the footwork demonstrated here would still be generally applicable and it is a foundation for more advanced defense techniques.

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