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Martial Points - Pressure Points for Martial Artists

Looking for a pressure points chart? This is the world's first pressure points iPhone app designed specifically for martial artists. This handy app allows user to easily locate and learn about major pressure points commonly used in martial arts.

Martial Points (Korean Ver.)

Locate commonly used pressure points with ease. Hear the proper pronunciation of the names by native Korean speaker, and learn the effects of each point when struck. Read more...

Martial Points (Chinese Ver.)

Similar to the Korean version, but the point name pronunciation in this version is in Chinese (Mandarin). Detail window is in both English & Chinese.Read more...

About martial arts pressure points

BreakFall Basics (How to Break a Fall / Throw)

Knowing the proper falling techniques can help you prevent suffering injuries from a throw or a fall. These types of techniques are widely used in arts such as Judo, Aikido, and Hapkido.

BreakFall Basics

Learn the essential skills in mastering the foundation of breakfall techniques. This program offers the same curriculum Master Kim teaches to his students in his classroom. Read more...

Self Defense Skills: Grip Breaking

Learn the techniques to escape an aggressive assailant who has a grip of your wrist. Learn the principles and skills that will help you use the assailant’s grip to your advantage.

Self Defense Skills: Grip Breaking

Discover ways to leverage the attacker’s grip by locking, bending, and twisting his wrist and arm into painful submission; thus improving your chance of escape or even a counterattack. Read more...

Self Defense Skills: Knife Defense Tips

Learn valuable tips for knife defense techniques derived from the master's own personal experiences.

Self Defense Skills: Knife Defense Tips

Defending against knife attack empty handed is extremely dangerous and difficult. Learn valuable tips that can help you increase your chances for surviving the attack. Read more...

Improve Your Kicks - Tips by Charlie Wildish

Learn to be more flexible, and deliver kicks with higher speed and power, and in proper form.

Improve Your Kicks - Tips by Charlie Wildish

Karate expert Charlie Wildish shares tips that emphasize the principles of body movement and body mechanics behind kicking techniques. Read more...

Practical Karate - Realistic Street Bunkai

Learn realistic practical applications (kata bunkai) to defend against real street assaults.

Practical Karate - Realistic Street Bunkai

Shotokan Karate expert Charlie Wildish and Kung Fu sifu Keith McKay Cormack examine kata applications against street assaults. Read more...
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