BreakFall Basics
(How to Break a Fall / Throw)

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If you practice Judo, or have been on the receiving end of a properly executed throw, you’d understand the damage one can suffer from such a throw. Learn the techniques that can save you from injuries!

Proper techniques can help one minimize injuries from a fall, or in the case of sparring (or in other physical confrontations) being thrown to the ground. Practitioners of arts such as Judo, Aikdo, and Hapkido often rely on breakfall techniques to land safely by breaking the impact from a fall or a throw.

This video program contains the exact curriculum taught in Master Hye Kyoung Kim’s class to help students develop the proper reactions to falls and throws. The video instruction in this program is extensively comprehensive. It not only shows the techniques, but also includes practice exercises to help one to condition and prepare for the necessary movements involved. You will learn:

- Theory & explanation of Front Breakfall technique>
- Step by step Front Fall physical conditioning exercises
- Explanation of the Back Breakfall technique
- Step by step Back Fall practice exercises
- Theory behind the Side Breakfall technique
- Comprehensive training exercises for Side Fall
- Explanation of Front Rolling Breakfall
- Step by step training exercises for Front Rolling

In addition to the videos, this app provides access to the exclusive mini blog to get breakfall related updates and infos.

Derived from traditional breakfall techniques, and blended with Master Kim’s unique experience and style, these breakfall techniques will give beginning students the necessary foundation in breakfall skills, as well as providing skilled martial artists some new twists to the traditional techniques.


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