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Skills of Hapkido DVD

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This DVD is ideal for new and intermediate students, as well as anyone interested in starting the art of Hapkido. This DVD spends much time explaining the underlying concepts and key principles. Then skills are performed with step by step instructions while shown in various angles and close up to maximize clarity and details.

    DVD features fundamentals in:
  • - Hapkido logics & principles
  • - Dan Jun breathing
  • - Ki & Ki gripping
  • - Basic stances

    Provides detail intermediate level skills in:
  • - Punch defense
  • - Grip defense
  • - Throw defense
  • - Knife defense
  • - Vital points and pressure points attack

    Special features NOT found in most other DVDs:
Format: Region-Free NTSC DVD (plays in most DVD players internationally, including PAL countries).*
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