Associates & Friends (North Carolina, USA): Established officially in 2000 by Dr. Jung Hwan Park, who received training under the late Hapkido Grandmaster Yong-Sool Choi. One of the missions of this costal Carolina academy is to empower local women through non-lethal self defense training. HapkidoNC is an associate of the battered women support group, BRAVE ANGELS. The academy is currently headed by Selene, a 6th Dan Hapkido and 7th Dan TKD master. We salute the effort and contribution HapkidoNC makes to its community!
    Harrison Hapkido Mission System The Harrison HAPKIDO Mission System is headed by Chief Master Instructor Benny Harrison. Master Harrison is certified by the Steven Page Hapkido System, Institute of Urban Hapkido Systems and the World Ki-Do Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association (chartered by the Korean Government).