Practical Karate -
Realistic Street Bunkai

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Go beyond sparring and competition techniques, unlock the potentials of Karate for real life situations.
Learn realistic practical applications (kata bunkai) to defend against real street assaults with this unique take on Bassai Dai through a selection of high quality video lessons from the Inside Bassai Dai dvd.

Shotokan Karate expert Charlie Wildish and Kung Fu sifu Keith McKay Cormack examine kata applications from the point of view of Karate practitioner as well as through the lenses of other martial artists. This mix of cross examination produces a unique and fresh study on Bunkai uses. Keeping an emphasis on real life effectiveness, these lessons help students develop techniques and strategies that focus on simple specific targets which have the highest likelihood of stopping even the most determined and vicious attacker.

The app also allows users to contact Mr. Wildish directly if they wish to discuss these lessons, bunkai, or anything martial arts related.

App Updates & Status
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May 14, 2012 - Ver 1.0 available on Apple App Store

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