Improve Your Kicks -
Tips by Charlie Wildish

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Be more flexible, and deliver kicks with higher speed and power, and in proper form.

Get these practical tips from martial art expert to help improve your kicks to become faster, higher, and more powerful.

These tips emphasize the principles of body movement and body mechanics behind the kicks rather than focusing on the techniques themselves, which makes them applicable to various styles whether you practice Karate, Taekwondo, or other styles.

This selection of videos from the "10 Kicking Tips" dvd are detail, straight forward, and simple to follow. Learn to aviod common mistakes, understand muscle elasticity, and master the proper breathing technique.

This app provides easy access for you to contact Shotokan Karate expert Charlie Wildish for any questions or discussion about the tips and techniques.

These tips are for anyone who wants real result and practical improvement. "At 48 years young, I can still kick higher and faster than most of the young black belts in my club."


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