Martial Points 武穴
Pressure Points for Martial Artists - Chinese Ver.

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Looking for a pressure point chart for martial arts use? This interactive reference guide helps user to easily locate and learn about the major pressure points (acupoints) commonly used in Kung Fu and other martial arts.

Find these pressure points with ease, hear how to say their names in Chinese, and learn the possible effects of each point when struck.

Pressure points can be quickly selected from the 3D model, or from the glossary list by their names. Each pressure point includes the following information:

Acupoint code
English name
Chinese names (character)
Chinese pronunciation (audio in Mandarin) by native speaker
Meridian name
Pressure point category
Possible effects when struck

This is the ideal on-the-go, interactive, pressure point reference guide for martial artists. An easy to use and convenient tool to take along to seminars and to the martial art studio.

這穴位App是特別為武術學者而設. 它能幫你搜索武術上常用的穴位. 從武術角度把穴位分類, 資料為你提供穴位反應和效果. 包括中英穴位名稱. 可使用3D圖片或詞彙表搜索穴位.

这穴位App是特别为武术学者而设. 它能帮你搜索武术上常用的穴位. 从武术角度把穴位分类, 资料为你提供穴位反应和效果. 包括中英穴位名称. 可使用3D图片或词汇表搜索穴位.


App Updates & Status
We stand behind our product and want to keep users up to date with updates or any technical issues.
Here are the most recent updates:

Andriod Version
Aug 2, 2011 - Ver 1.0.0 available on Android Market.

iPhone Version
Jul 16, 2010 - Ver. 1.0.3 released and this fixes all previous known issues.
Jul 08, 2010 - Ver. 1.0.2 released (We recommend continue using ver 1.0.1 if you were not having problem with the app before.)
Jul 03, 2010 - We submitted update 1.0.2 to correct the Front Head region points and made adjustment to improve animation performance.
Jun 09, 2010 - Ver. 1.0.1 is released. This adds the complete points category description in the Instruction section.

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