Palo Alto Martial Arts

Master Bae currently offers instructions at Palo Alto Martial Arts in California.

Visit Palo Alto Martial Arts:
480 E. Meadow Drive, Palo Alto, CA
(408) 425-0601

About Master Kwang Il Bae

Master Bae currently holds the following ranks:

Kukkiwon 8th Dan Degree Black Belt (#06038380)
World Hapkido 8th Dan Degree Black Belt (#82-9535)

Master Bae started studying Taekwondo as a child. He attended Dan Kook University in Seoul, graduating with a B.A. degree in Physical Education with an emphasis on Taekwondo. During all four years at Dan Kook University, Master Bae was a member of the school Taekwondo team. He was also a member of the Korean National Demonstration Team, as well as an ROTC Taekwondo training instructor. Master Bae was also a Korean Army Special Unit Taekwondo instructor after graduation.

Master Bae and Grandmaster Kim teamed up in a TKD / Hapkido combo DVD that showcases the "soft" and "hard" skills of both arts.