Self Defense Skills:
Grip Breaking

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One of the most common aggressive scenarios: an assailant grabs hold of your wrist and tries to overpower you. This is a key moment which you may either fall into submission, or turn it into your advantage because the assailant is actually extremely vulnerable at this point! Learn the skills that will help you react properly.

These skills are based on martial arts such as Aikido and Hapkido which place heavy emphasis on counterattack techniques. Learn to leverage the attacker’s grip by locking, bending, and twisting his wrist and arm into painful submission; thus improving your chance of escape or even a counterattack.

The lessons in this program are selected from the highly acclaimed Skills of Hapkido DVD. Concepts and theories are explained thoroughly, and high quality visual aids along with multi angle views help you understand the techniques with better clarity.

Learn fundamental palm escape skills and the concepts behind it. Learn various counterattack techniques based on those fundamental skills. Explore more advanced use such as pressure point and joint locking.


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