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Defending against a knife attack empty handed is an extremely difficult and dangerous undertaking even for the most skilled martial artist. The goal of this app is to help you gain knowledge and information that should increase your chances for surviving such attack.

The video lessons in this app are selected from the acclaimed Skills of Hapkido and Mixed TaeKwon DVDs featuring Hapkido Master Hye Kyoung Kim. Master Kim’s training in martial arts and his field experience in the Korean military provide a unique perspective on use of techniques. Drawing from his real life encounters with knife attackers, Master Kim shares personal lessons and experiences he learned from the field. Technique demos further offer an in-depth look at featured techniques.

Additional tips include non technique-specific guidelines for advices on observations and mental preparation.

The personal advice offered from the Master is absolutely invaluable. This should prove to be a great addition to your self defense knowledge base.


App Updates & Status
We stand behind our product and want to keep users up to date with updates or any technical issues. Here are the most recent updates:

Feb 04, 2011 - Awaiting App Store approval.

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