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This new Taekwondo / Hapkido DVD is designed for students who want to expand their self defense arsenals by exploring the use of Taekwondo and Hapkido skills together in self defense situations. Students will learn self defense and martial arts concepts through the use of "soft" and "hard" martial arts skills. This DVD features 7th Dan Taekwondo Master Kwang Il Bae and ETMA Hapkido Grandmaster Hye Kyoung Kim.

Special features you will find in this DVD:

In addition to providing step by step explanation, the DVD places an emphasis on pointing out the crucial elements stressed by the Masters themselves. High quality body diagrams and 3D animations are used to help students visualize strike zones and specific concepts. Grandmaster Kim offers an invaluable lesson on knife defense that is based on his very own experiences. Students will gain new concepts, insights, and appreciation for both arts after watching this program. This DVD is ideal for TKD students who are interested in exploring the use of "hard" and "soft" techniques.

Preview of Mixed TaeKwon

Knife Defense Tips Sample from Mixed TaeKwon

Key Features in this DVD

- Demonstrates use of "hard" and "soft" martial arts skills
- Key Taekwondo forms review by Master Bae
- Hapkido basics by Grandmaster Kim
- Mixed TaeKwon demo skills for selected self defense situations
- Knife defense tips from Grandmaster Kim's personal experiences
- 3D animations and diagrams
- Detail step by step explanation
- Solo practice exercise demo

Format: Region-Free NTSC DVD (plays in most DVD players internationally, including PAL countries).*

Instructions by
Grandmaster Hye Kyoung Kim
Master Kwang Il Bae

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